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posted: 21 July 2022 | categories: Murder 'Casts

I love listening to podcasts while I get ready in the morning. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites, in no particular order. Most of these can be found across your favorite podcast platforms. Exceptions will be noted.

1. Morbid

Ash and Alaina are the hostesses, and they are fantastic. They do great research and are funny and real. They cover crimes from all over history, all over the world. And they have a lot of bonus episodes that border on the spooky, too. A great one!

2. The Opportunist

The synopsis says it all: “The Opportunist tells true stories of regular people who turn sinister simply by being opportunistic. How does an everyday person turn into a thief, a cult leader, or a scammer?” Each season dives deep into a different Opportunist, the length of the “season” dependent on the case discussed. Hosted by Hannah Smith, the podcast has covered everything from a business manager who’s fleeced millions from celebrity clients to a cult leader who inspired members to both kill and commit suicide. Fascinating!

3. Killer Role

Keith Morrison is the host of this one. It’s the twisted story of Wyn Reed… actress, writer, murderess. This one is a 6-episode miniseries.

4. Mommy Doomsday

Keith Morrison did this one, too. This podcast explores the ongoing insanity of the Lori and Chad Vallow case. It’s another 6-episode miniseries, plus a bonus episode.

5. 13 Alibies

Dan Slepian, a Dateline NBC producer, explores the case of Richard Rosario, a man who was convicted of muurder. He claimed to have 13 alibi witnesses that would prove that he was innocent. But no investigator or prosecutor checked out a single one of them. This is a fascinating case that needs a good Google search to hear the post-podcast updates.

6. RedHanded

This pdcast is hosted by friends Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala, whom I love. They talk about a wide variety of murder and mayhem. What I love most about them is that they inject their podcast with a lot of information and background to help listeners understand all aspects of what they discuss.

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