As the title suggests, this blog is about murder and mayhem, the crimes and the criminals.

telling the backstories

When I profile a killer, I delve into their backstories. The psychology of these people is what fascinates me, knowing what shaped them, what led them to do the horrific things they’ve done. Sometimes, their backstories are traumatic. When I share that information, it is in no way intended to evoke any type of sympathy or to cast them as victims. Nor is it my intention to suggest that background somehow lessens the horror of what they’ve done. It is simply a part of who they were; after all, not everyone who has experienced trauma goes on to commit atrocities.

the opinions

While most of the time, I present stories as facts verified to the best of my ability, there are times when I express my opinion. It will be clearly stated when I am sharing my personal thoughts on a topic.

trigger warnings

While I do not go into graphic detail, I will provide appropriate trigger warnings at the beginning where applicable.