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posted: 19 February 2021 | categories: On the Screen

The ID Discovery channel is one of the best things to come to my TV. And hot on the heels of that are the true-crime documentaries and TV shows that stream on Netflix and Hulu, even a few on Amazon Prime. Here are some of my favorites, ones I’d recommend for anyone who’s even a little obsessed!

  1. I Don’t Like Mondays: This is a documentary about Brenda Spencer, the young girl who shot up a schoolyard across the street in 1979 because she didn’t, as the title suggests, like Mondays. (Amazon Prime/49 minutes)
  2. Ted Bundy: Falling for a Serial Killer: This is a five-part series looking at one of the countries most notorious killers. It was well-put together and worth a watch. (Amazon Prime/37-52 minutes)
  3. The Killer Speaks: I really love this one. There are two seasons available, interviews with the killer and lots of backstory. (Hulu)
  4. I Am a Killer: Each episode focuses on a different killer, exploring not only what happened but why. There are two seasons, both fascinating. (Netflix/46-53 minutes)
  5. Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer: A limited series, this is the story of Richard Ramirez. There are only four parts, but it digs in deep! (Netflix/46-48 minutes)
  6. Conversations with a Killer: This is my favorite of the Ted Bundy documentaries. It’s only four episodes, but, even after all the Bundy stuff I’ve read and watched, I learned a lot. (Netflix/51-74 minutes)
  7. Serial Killer with Piers Morgan: I’m not generally a big Morgan fan, but I loved this series. He really digs into the killers, taking no BS from them. (Netflix/44-46 minutes)
  8. Killer Women with Piers Morgan: Same as above, but examining women killers. (Netflix/44-46 minutes)
  9. American Monster: This series looks at killers that have hidden in plain sight. The twist is the home video that documents the mask of the monster. (ID Discovery)
  10. Evil Lives Here: I love this show! It looks at the stories of people who’ve lived with someone who turned out to be a killer. It really makes you wonder how well you know the people around you. (ID Discovery)

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