Israel Keyes & His Murder Kits

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Israel Keyes took something from his time in the military. He knew how to plan an operation down to the last detail. Unfortunately, instead of using those skills for good, Keyes used them to plan and carry out rape and murder, financing them through bank robberies and burglaries.[1] “Israel Keyes Biography.” The, 26 June 2020,

about the man

Israel Keyes was one of 10 children, born on 7 January 1978 in Utah. His parents lived an unusal life, eschewing the government, public schools, and modern medicine. Eventually, the family left Utah for the state of Washington when Keyes was still a toddler. He was raised in almost complete isolation, deep in the woods without electricity. During this time, his parents converted to become fundamentalist Christians, joining a church whose doctrine was rooted in white supremacy. When he was a teenager, he informed his family that he didn’t share their faith any longer. As a result, his father disowned him, although he remained in contact with his mother. Not long after, Keyes joined the Army, serving honorably for three years. During his military service, he became a father.[2] “Israel Keyes Biography.” The, 26 June 2020,

about the criminal

Most serial killers develop a fairly stable profile. It might be that their MO is generally the same, or close to it, with each kill. They may have a preferred killing area, or even a dump site. They might find their victims within a race, a gender, or some other connecting type. But Keyes did none of those things. He took care to develop an MO that was his own. He sought kill zones far from home, and he never killed in the same area twice. And his victims were entirely random.

None of his rapes or murders were committed in the spur of the moment. Instead, he planned his activity in excruiciating detail, taking precautions to avoid coming on the radar of law enforcement. He would often fly to one place, and then drive hours to search for potential victim. He carried no weapons as he traveled, nor did he use credit cards, fearful the latter could connect him to murders in a particular place.

He told FBI interviewers that he had no remorse for the crimes he committed. Instead, he viewed it as entertainment, an enjoyable pasttime. He was very clear when he spoke… if he had not been apprehended, he would have continued.[3]FBI. “New Information Released in Serial Killer Case.” FBI, 13 Aug. 2013,

the murder kits

What makes Israel Keyes unique, besides his attention to detail, was his use of “murder kits.” Keyes put together kits of weapons, cash, clothing, and other items like zip ties. Then he stashed them in various places around the United States, waiting for him to pick up and use.[4]FBI. “New Information Released in Serial Killer Case.” FBI, 13 Aug. 2013, Some of these kits were buried, others hidden in out of the way places.[5]Van Sant, Peter, and Chris O’Connell. “WHAT DO SKULLS DRAWN IN ISRAEL KEYES’ BLOOD MEAN?” 48 Hours, 8 May 2020, CBS News, … Continue reading

the interesting

While awaiting trial in Alaska, Israel Keyes found an interesting art medium. He painted 11 skulls. Painted in his own blood. They are believed to equate to each of his victims.[6]Van Sant, Peter, and Chris O’Connell. “WHAT DO SKULLS DRAWN IN ISRAEL KEYES’ BLOOD MEAN?” 48 Hours, 8 May 2020, CBS News, … Continue reading

the aftermath

Israel Keyes was arrested in Alaska in 2012 for the murder of Samantha Koenig. Only later did law enforcement realize the truth about him, that Israel Keyes was a serial killer. This is something Keyes admitted without duress. Keyes gave extensive interviews with both local law enforcement and the FBI, revealing stories of other murders. He even stated that he wanted a quick death penalty, not wanting to spend the rest of his life in prison.[7] “Israel Keyes Biography.” The, 26 June 2020, But then Keyes committed suicide in his jail cell, leaving a slew of unanswered questions, as well as a trail of victims that the FBI is still trying to identify. The FBI believes there could be as many as 11 victims from around the United States.[8]FBI. “New Information Released in Serial Killer Case.” FBI, 13 Aug. 2013,

The FBI page on Israel Keyes is full of information in order to try to find resolutions for all Keyes is said to have done. You can visit it here.

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